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A Comprehensive Doctrine for an Evolving Threat: Countering Terrorist Use of Social Networks


Journal Abstract

Studies in Conflict & Terrorism

Terrorists are using social media for the mass dissemination of terrorism-supporting messages. Activating the “long arm of the law” mechanism over media corporations, similar to that in the financial sector, will help to eradicate this phenomenon. The article describes the structure of a holistic framework that expands legal liability for the publication of terrorism-supporting content so that it applies to the entire chain of participants facilitating its distribution: the corporation, the platform, the Web-user publishing the content, and the Web-user viewing the content. The article proposes an adaptation of criminal legal tools at the state and international levels, as well as tools from the field of civil law; finally, the article argues that civil society also has the power to generate social change and to shape a mindset that imposes corporate liability on user content.


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