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Evaluating Case-Managed Approaches to Counter Radicalization and Violent Extremism: An Example of the Proactive Integrated Support Model (PRISM) Intervention.

Case studiesDe-radicalisationIntegrationPolicy recommendationsRadicalisationRisk of radicalization

Journal abstract

In recent years there has been the proliferation of counterradicalization programs that incorporate a case management approach involving individually tailored intervention plans. The evaluation of case-managed countering violent extremism (CVE) interventions is challenging. This article provides results from research that evaluated a custody-based case-managed intervention delivered to convicted terrorists and individuals identified as at risk of radicalization in the Australian state of New South Wales, called the Proactive Integrated Support Model. A quantitative assessment of disengagement based on the coding of client case note data is provided. Results provide data on the background of clients, their intervention goals, and illustrate client change over time. Lessons for CVE evaluation and the role of formal interventions in facilitating disengagement are highlighted.

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