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Imagined Diasporas Among Manchester Muslims: The Public Performance of Pakistani Transnational Identity Politics

Werbner's book makes an important link between the local and international identities within diasporic communities.  Focussing on the Muslim community in Manchester she demonstrates how their self-identity is much more fluid than traditional studies into diasporas would suggest.  Rather than just being defined in relation to the country they left behind, the identity of the communities are also shaped and guided by local events, factions and personalities.

However, just as important is the impact of the international scene, with events such as the break-up of the former Yugoslavia (and the atrocities committed against Bosnian Muslims), the first Gulf War, hostilities over the disputed region of Kashmir and other events all having a crucial role to play in the local community.  This localisation of global events is shown by Werbner to have a key role in the dialogue between the diaspora and its 'host' nation.

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