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Handbook of Terrorism and Counter Terrorism Post 9/11

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Publisher's description

The events of 9/11 gave rise to a new epoch in world history. This Handbook examines how the world order and our understanding of war and peace has been transformed since the global war on terror began.

Bringing together expert commentators and academics from Asia, US, Europe and the Middle East, the Handbook of Terrorism and Counter Terrorism Post 9/11 assesses regional responses to terrorism and evaluates the emergence of new threats. This timely reflection on the consequences of the global war on terror considers the future of asymmetric conflict in the context of the fourth industrial revolution, and the evolution of cyberwarfare.

Providing an analysis of terrorism since 2001, from Al-Qaeda to Daesh, and a critical evaluation of counter terrorism and counter insurgency, this Handbook is an essential primer for students, at all levels, researching terrorism, insurgency, global warfare and international relations. It will also benefit defence and security personnel enrolled on postgraduate courses in military academies.

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