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The Roots, Practices and Consequences of Terrorism :A Literature Review of Research in the Arts & Humanities

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This literature review was carried out in 2006, with the aim to identify literature within the Arts and Humanities that was relevant and informative about the roots, practices and consequences of terrorism. Restricted largely to the Arts and Humanities literature it does, however, include some key works from outside of the field although, because of the time-limited nature of the review, it is neither exhaustive nor systematic.

The review maps out the literature and is hyperlinked to an annotated bibliography. It provides an analysis of the literature in response to the requirements of the British Home Office, who commissioned the review, but also consideres a framework of relevant cultural factors. Of additional interest will be the discussion on terms such as 'terrorism', 'Islamism' and 'fundamentalism' as well as some recommendations for future research and policy implications.

Some of the summaries on have been re-worked from this review. We are grateful to the authors, from the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Leeds, for their permission to do so.

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