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Leaving Terrorism Behind: Individual and Collective Disengagement

Leaving terrorism behindPublishers description

This edited volume expands our understanding of the processes by which individuals and groups disengage from terrorism.

While there has been a growing awareness of the need to understand and prevent processes of radicalization into terrorism, disengagement and deradicalization from terrorism have long been neglected areas in research on terrorism. This book uses empirical data to explore how and why individuals and groups disengage from terrorism, and what can be done to facilitate it. The work also presents a series of case studies of disengagement programmes, from Colombia, northern Europe, Italy, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, comparing and assessing their various strengths and weaknesses. In light of the lessons learned from these cases, this book describes and explains the potential for new developments in counter-terrorism.


Individual disengagement: a psychological analysis / John Horgan
Processes of disengagement from violent groups of the extreme right / Tore Bjørgo
How terrorist campaigns end / Audrey Kurth Cronin
Leaving underground organizations: a sociological analysis of the Italian case / Donatella Della Porta
Leaving terrorism behind in Northern Ireland and the Basque country : reassessing anti-terrorist policies and the 'peace processes' / Rogelio Alonso
The renunciation of violence by Egyptian jihadi organizations / Diaa Rashwan
Exit from right-wing extremist groups: lessons from disengagement programmes in Norway, Sweden and Germany / Tore Bjørgo, Jaap Van Donselaar and Sara Grunenberg
Disengagement and beyond: a case study of demobilization in Columbia / Marcella Ribetti
Deradicatlization and rehabilitation programmes targeting religious terrorists and extremists in the Muslim world: an overview / Richard Barrett and Laila Bokhari
Opening up the jihadi debate: Yemen's Committee for Dialogue / Christopher Boucek, Shazadi Beg and John Horgan
The rehabilitation of Jemaah Islamiyah detainees in South East Asia: a preliminary assessment / Zachary Abuza
Extremist re-education and rehabilitation in Saudi Arabia / Christopher Boucek
Pakistan: in search of a disengagement strategy / Shazadi Beg and Laila Bokhari

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