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Terrorism and tourism in the Caribbean: a regional analysis


Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political AggressionJournal abstract

Previous studies have found evidence that terrorism negatively impacted tourism in individual countries, but studies with larger number of countries have found less evidence for this negative linkage. The Caribbean tourist area provides an excellent region for a more nuanced analysis of the effects of terrorist on tourist visits. Evidence from analyses of selected Caribbean countries that rely on tourism indicated that terrorism did not affect tourist visits before the twenty-first century. After 9/11, however, there were indications that territories suffering from terrorism had reductions in visits by tourists. This significant event did influence tourist visits to the Western Hemisphere in the aftermath of this major terrorist event. There were also indications that foreign investment, which is linked to the tourism sector, was negatively affected after 9/11. In at least some cases there are regional effects on tourism from terrorist attacks.

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