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Subcultures and new religious movements in Russia and East-Central Europe


Subcultures and New Religious Movements in Russia and East-Central EuropeAlthough this collection is not directly concerned with the issues, concepts and groups that are commonly associated with and discussed in relation to ‘radicalisation’, it can be useful for at least four reasons.  First, it focuses on less known radical groups and movements in relatively unfamiliar locations (Skinheads in Lithuania and Russia, Neo-Pagan Nationalists in Russia, and delinquent and radical groups in Tatarstan), thus allowing for a potentially fruitful comparative approach to the study of radical groups. Second, the volume is focused on the concept of subcultures, the theoretical and methodological value of which is much under-explored in this area of study.  Third, its contributions are based on thick ethnography and are good examples of how the appeal and dynamics of radical groups can be better understood through engaging with their participants within their local settings, and taking account of their individual circumstances.  Finally, the reader will learn a great deal about the methodologies and logistics of this type of research, including the issues of access and ‘rules of engagement’.

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