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Islamic Revival in British India: Deoband, 1860-1900


Originally published in 1982, this book follows Metcalf's earlier article 'The Madrasa at Deoband: A Model for Religious Education in Modern India' in Modern Asian Studies in 1978.With so much interest in the relevance of the Deobandi school in contributing to the ideology of the Afghan resistance and, later, Taliban movements, this study is essential reading for anyone seeking to know more about the intellectual antecedents of both. Of particular interest here is the role of the ulama and styles of leadership in the Deobandi school. The Deobandi school is also compared and contrasted with other tendancies, such as the Ahl-i Hadis and the Barelvis, which is particularly instructive. As Roy's Islam and Resistance in Afghanistan and other works have also shown, the relevance of these schools of thought to contemporary Taliban ways of seeing the world sets them in a specifically South Asian intellectual context.

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