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Networking Vehement Frames: Neo-Nazi and Violent Jihadi Demagoguery

IdeologiesPathways to radicalisationRadicalisation

Behavioural Sciences of Terrorism & Political AggressionJournal abstract

The purpose of this study is to gain a better understanding of violent extremist propaganda. Frame analysis and network text analysis (NTA) are used to advance our understanding of how diagnostic frames function within violent extremist propaganda. Neo-Nazi and violent jihadi demagogues use diagnostic frames to identify grievances in order to leverage individual and collective attitudes. More specifically, diagnostic frames assist in attitude formation through manufacturing subcultural identities and social boundaries that resonate within a target population. A comparative research design is used because of the differences and similarities that exist between neo-Nazi and violent jihadi propaganda. Analysis is based on the NTA, which generates neo-Nazi and violent jihadi ego networks. Results suggest that the process of generating subcultural identities and social boundaries is not unique among ideologies or groups despite differences in language, culture, history, and geography. Importantly, ego networks illustrate how demagogues frame societal problems from a subcultural perspective in order to mobilize target audiences.

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