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Welcome to The site has just been updated, we hope you like the new format, but please point out any errors you spot whilst exploring.

There is a growing body of evidence-based research which helps to clarify what is meant by the controversial term ‘radicalisation’, particularly as that is used in relation to ‘Islamicist’ violence. Our aim is to help policymakers, journalists and anyone whose work utilises concepts such as radicalisation, fundamentalism or extremism to have easy access to the best academic research on these issues. Managed by the Religion and Society Research Programme our approach is non-partisan, and our aim is simply to present the most careful and well-informed research.

In addition to academic research, the site will also present features which bring together some of this work as it relates to current affairs. We also provide a space for debate and discussion on the broader field as well as the work listed. grew out of the recognition of a need to better publicise academic work in a field which is often dominated by shared assumptions drawn from the faster-moving worlds of journalism and policy decision-making. Whilst much of this work is of great value, by their very nature these occupations do not often have the luxury of time and career-long experience that many academics bring to their research. Focusing on, but not limited to, research from the UK we hope to bring some of this research to a wider audience outside of academic journals and discussions. We also realise that there is a middle-ground between the faster paced worlds of journalism and the in-depth work of academia, and this can be found in the output of the many think tanks operating in the field.  Whilst we do not focus to quite the same extent on think tank publications, we have included them on the site, in order to ensure that can provide a one-stop resource for researchers looking for relevant material.

In addition to your feedback, we also welcome any reviews of works that you feel should be included on the site. This work should be sent to the Editor, and will be reviewed by the Advisory Board before publication on the site.

We hope you find a useful tool, thank you for visiting!

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