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Westminster Faith Debates


Westminster Faith Debates

On 7th March, 2012 the AHRC/ESRC Religion & Society Programme, which funds this website, held an event entitled 'What have we learned about Radicalisation?' This debate was one of a broader series debating the latest research on religion in public life. People can see the podcasts of the debate here.

The three academics presenting at this debate are all involved with, Mark Sedgwick and Marat Shterin sit on the Advisory Board and Matthew Francis is the Editor. Their presentations draw on their work and so, to an extent, overlap with essays already published on However, they are reproduced here for reference (courtesy of the AHRC/ESRC Religion & Society Programme and with the permission of the authors):

Matthew Francis - 'What causes Radicalisation?'

Mark Sedgwick - 'Radicalism isn't the problem: it's the move to violence we need to counter'

Marat Shterin - 'When radicals turn violent: learning from the study of 'cults''

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