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Palestinians From Peasants To Revolutionaries


Author: Sayigh, Rosemary

Date of Publication: 1979

Publication: Zed Books


Purpose of the study

Key questions 

The study aims to reconstruct some small part of the experience of Palestinians who were peasants until 1948, then become refugees, and who re-emerged after 1967 as militants and revolutionaries. Key question: What kind of personal experiences and collective stories triggers moral outrage?

Design of the study


Empirical fieldwork/ interviews with camp Palestinians in Lebanon carried out between 1975 and 1978.


Palestinian refugees in Lebanon


This study is about the “emotional context”/”breeding ground” for mobilization and radicalization to action. Offers a glimpse in to the “terrorist” angle.

Key findings 

This study offers a detailed description of personal life stories of Palestinian revolutionaries.

Reviewer's Notes

Key words: Palestinians, Lebanon, moral outrage, emotions, political violence, mobilization, radicalization

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